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GA751 top marble table with herb.jpg
GA751-14B for LPG
GA751-24B for TG

Tictac Tictac on the clock, 

Cook with Timer for a walk.


  • Easy Cleaning Sealed Tempered Glass Top

  • Automatic Shut off Timer Function 

  • Durable Copper Alloy Burners & Cast Iron Pan Supports

  • Eco-friendly Low Combustion CO level

  • Built in Flame Failure Safety Device

  • Adjustable simmer flame 

  • Spacious burners design for Chinese Wok

  • HK EMSD Energy Label Certified

  • HK GU Label Certified

  • HK Q-Mark Product Certified

  • Can be use as table top

TAADA Co. Series
Sealed 2-burner Automatic Shut-off Timer Function

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