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YS1610FM / YS1610FM(T)

YS1610FM / YS1610FM(T)



  • Innovative Shinny White or Metallic Silver Eco Anti-tarnish Surface

  • Built in Type Space Saver

  • Automatic 3 level Control Valve for gas saving & silent ignition

  • Digital Automatic Instantaneous Temperature Adjustment

  • Stable Constant Temperature within 0.5℃ 

  • 8 Types of Safety Devices

  • Imported parts from Japan

  • Self-Assessment Function

  • Energy Label Certified

  • GU Label Certified

  • HK Q-Mark Product Certified

  • Rear Flue & Top Flue available

  • HKLPG/HKTG Available


*Basic Installation Included

Color 顏色
Gas Type 氣種
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